Jagoda Malanin, design

Co-founder, Fine Arts graduate, specializes in marketing management & social media strategy and creation. Deeply in love with  photography and Vasatokka, Inari.

Mikael Malanin, co-founder

IT Project Manager, programmer from Aalto University, straight from Finland, with over 12 years’ experience in running complex IT projects.  Personally, great fan of urban planning and cross country skiing on frozen lakes of Lapland

Patryk Kolodziejski, Lead Programmer

PHP developer versed in all popular programming languages with experience in resolving various kinds of developmental solutions . Expert on the Symfony framework. Loves hiking.

Grzegorz Król, Art Director

Supervises projects from visual/ conceptual point of view. In private life an amazing chief, owner of Con-fusion Kitchen blog. As the only one of our team, he prefers Sweden to Finland. But we forgive him that.